Conveyance, and operation of the cargo train

Gold Bond is a licensed agent for moving railroad cars for Israel Railways. Gold Bond moves containers all around the country, to every site where a branch line for railway cargo exists.

In order to provide our clients with service at the highest level, Gold Bond operates a spur line on its own grounds for loading and unloading of containers and cargoes.

Most of the activity involves transferring full containers directly from Haifa Port to storage at the Gold Bond terminal, and transferring empty containers directly from the terminal to exporters in the north and south.

The spur line can accommodate the arrival and loading of hundreds of containers per day, with rapidity, safety, and efficiency.

The spur line operates as necessary around the clock, 24 hours a day, in order to handle the quantity of containers and cargoes required by the conveyance market.

The railway spur line at the Gold Bond branch is 525 meters long, with the capacity for handling approximately 35 cars at once.

The company operates an advanced computer system for loading and unloading and for immediate reporting to Israel Railways, to the ports, to the cargo terminals, and to the company’s clients.

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